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Filter File Description Arguments
ebac_delete_stock_ids class-ebac-ajax.php IDs of booked products (array) $ids,(integer) $id
easy_booking_get_order_statuses ebac-functions.php Returns the order statuses to get the booked products from orders. (array) $statuses
ebac_booked_products ebac-functions.php Array of booked products in orders and imported bookings. (array) $products
easy_booking_availability_display_custom_column class-ebac-list-imports.php Columns in the “Import” section (string) $column,(string) $column_name,(array) $item
easy_booking_availability_imports_columns class-ebac-list-imports.php Array of custom columns (array) $columns
easy_booking_settings_capability class-ebac-settings.php Overrides the default capability level to access the Easy Booking settings page (default to “manage_options”) (string) $capability
easy_booking_availability_tabs ebac-html-settings.php Adds additional tabs on the “Availability Check” page (array) $tabs